About Flexpro


Following on from the successful launch of FlexCoach, and based on feedback from our clients, we are pleased to launch FlexPro.

FlexPro gives HR teams access to a curated panel of expert Human Resources, Learning & Development and Organisational Development freelance professionals who are ready and eager to take on HR projects, big and small.

With FlexPro, HR teams can save time vetting freelancers and get HR projects turned around on time and in budget. There is no cost to submit a Request for Proposal. No obligation to award a project. Accepting and rejecting bids online is easy and requires no justification.

How it Works:

1.     Submit RFP: Complete the simple online form with your project details at no cost and with no obligation.

2.     Promotion: Your RFP is promoted to the FlexPro expert freelancers. Those interested can participate in an online information session between yourselves and the FlexPro freelancers, facilitated by FlexCareers.

3.     Bid Selection: Directly receive bids at market rates for your project via the FlexPro platform, which you can simply accept or reject online.

There is no cost to submit an RFP and no fees payable. FlexCareers also takes care of all the billings to streamline the process. 

Our FlexPro freelancers are experts in:

  • L&D training and facilitation
  • Outplacement
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Strategy development
  • Program development